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Peaceful Christmas in Hoi An

Everytime hearing the famous melody of the song “We wish a merry Christmas” our hearts rejoice. Everybody gladly welcomes the lovely Christmas season. Today, Christmas has becomes an anticipated event for the Vietnamese at the end of the year. Beside that, the residents of Hoi An ancient town are also eagerly awaiting the bustling community celebrations – […]

7 popular cakes in Hoi An

With natural ingredients, hard work and creativity, Hoi An has produced a rustic cake that attracts everyone. Cakes are sold at the markets, sidewalks and street corners keeping alive an old tradition. Cakes from Hoi An are appreciated as gifts brought home by visitors, children especially love their sweet taste. 1. Ít Lá Gai cake The best known cake in […]

7 loại hoa ngày Tết ở Hội An

Spring comes, various flowers are bloom and scent. Flowers are in everywhere, we can see the beautiful scenery of flowers at anywhere. Nature becomes better to welcome the spring of life. For Vietnamese, also for people in Hoi An, they have a special interest to the flowers – as a necessary goods in inventory welcome spring. Decorating with fresh […]