Peaceful Christmas in Hoi An

Everytime hearing the famous melody of the song “We wish a merry Christmas” our hearts rejoice. Everybody gladly welcomes the lovely Christmas season. Today, Christmas has becomes an anticipated event for the Vietnamese at the end of the year. Beside that, the residents of Hoi An ancient town are also eagerly awaiting the bustling community celebrations – Christmas comes – a warm Christmas season seems  to dispel the cold days. Everybody fully enjoys the atmosphere of a warm winter night duringChristmas in Hoi An old town.

Christmas – a festival full of color, full of light, full of sound… green, red, yellow, purple… decorations everywhere shimmer of lights, vibrant sounds of immortal Christmas songs. Everything adds to the atmosphere of the festival.

Most families decorate their houses with  the bright icons of Christmas such as, Christmas trees, stars, bells, caves, advent wreath. The glass doors of the restaurants, hotels and shops are painted with the pictures of Christmas, attracting both the residents and tourists. The Christmas tree is decorated beautifully splendidly while Santa Claus is placed at the most important position.

In particular, the church is decorated most prominent and impressive. This is also one of the most crowded place during Christmas.

The most amazing the of Christmas is the meaning of giving gift. Everybody gives their loved owns a gift. A Christmas gift expresses love or friendship around. Especially, children are waiting for a gift from a good nature Santa Claus.

In the cold winter night of Christmas, everyone is rushing to attend a church service party or to visit their family or friends. Everybody is exchanging Christmas gifts wishing each other a Merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful new year.

In addition, the gift delivery service of Santa Claus is also indispensable during this Christmas.

Let’s call to have a wonderful gift for your kids

1. Hoi An Santa Claus group

– Contact: Bao Ly

– Bao Ly: 0914.204.207 – 01262 608 768

– Phan Công Anh: 0903 566 669

2. Babylin kid shop

– Add: 30 Phan Chu Trinh street

– Phone: 0905 430 506 – 0905 225 205

3. Hac Giay souvenir shop

– Add: 454 Cua Dai street

– Phone: 05103 862 009

4. Hoi An post office

– Add: 06 Tran Hung Dao street

– Phone: 05103 862 888

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