7 loại hoa ngày Tết ở Hội An

Spring comes, various flowers are bloom and scent. Flowers are in everywhere, we can see the beautiful scenery of flowers at anywhere. Nature becomes better to welcome the spring of life. For Vietnamese, also for people in Hoi An, they have a special interest to the flowers – as a necessary goods in inventory welcome spring. Decorating with fresh flowers, that is an elegant habit, stylish and cute, contributing to adorn the home more luxury. Fresh flowers bring a lot of messages, meaning that homeowners want to commend it. The following 7 types of flowers, people in Hoi An often choose the following 7 types of flowers to decorate during Tet, with the desire about happiness, health and prosperity.

1. Apricot

Apricot and peach blossom is a symbol of spring in Vietnam, if the North is proud of pink peach blossom with seduction, then Southern pride with shimmering apricot yellow pentagram. Apricot flowers represent riches, wealth, affluence. Almost people like decorating with Tet apricot blossom, they often buy flowers in pots or buy each branch, with many buds, they think that big full buds bring good luck. Apricot flowers blooming on the morning that is an auspices, receive more good news in the new year.

2. Gladiolus

Gladiolus is shaped like a sword, derived from the legend of the brave warrior, so gladiolus express the courage of loving and sharing. Countless gladiolus are grown in the Cam Ha, Thanh Ha and partly imported from Dalat, Hanoi so that serve demand of the city of Hoi An. Gladiolus have a variety of colors to choose such as red, orange, yellow, white, pink …

3. Yellow Daisy

Yellow daisies in Hoi An are grown throughout the year, so many cultivation daisies villagers formed, they provide daisies to market in Hoi An and Da Nang. Story about daisy and itself always remind us of filial piety, sacrifice, diligent. Yellow Daisies also symbolizes life, blessing and happiness of the family.

4. Lily

Same as the others, lily tree has two or three flowers. The farmers in Hoi An are successful in growing. It has a lot of colors such as: yellow, pink, orange. Lily is also a symbol of beauty, purity and loyalty. It is the choice for everyone in spring occasion.

5. Gerbera

Mentioning Gerbera, everyone always thinks good fortune and money. Couple gerbera has a lot of thin petals, put up together. Red Gerbera brings a lot of fortune, thriving for family.

6. Orchid

Orchid is more and more diversified for kind and color. Therefore everyone has many choices. Orchid is very strong, it can open during a month. almost people choose it on Tet holiday because of its long life. It is a symbol of luxury.

7. Poinsettia

Because of its name so many people choose it to decorate on Tet holiday, they wish their children’s education is always good. In addition, Hoi An people also decorate their house with the other flowers such as: hollyhock, narcissus,dahlia and sunflower… each kind of flowers bring a different message. Flowers for Tet holiday – fortune and happiness will smile with you and your family.

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