Explore the yellow Autumn on Ha Long Bay

The beauty of Ha Long Bay in autumn

In the autumn, there will be less sunshine in Ha Long, the sky and water seem to merge into one, the breeze wind carrying the salty smell of the sea brings us a gentle and relaxed feeling.

Dropping by Vinpearl Ha Long Bay Resort on Reu Island – a neglected island with a unique panoramic view of Ha Long Bay, you will have the opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of Ha Long in the autumn.

In the early morning, standing on the balcony and watching the unfurled sails on the sea, you will feel like the blue sky and sea merge into one like an amazing watercolor painting of the sea.

After a light breakfast at a restaurant in the 5-star restaurant system chain, boarding on a windy cruise ship, you can take your time to contemplate the giant limestone islands with strange but cute names like: Yen Ngua Islet (Saddle Islet), Con Coc Islet (Toad Islet), Dua Islet (Chopstick Islet), Ong But Islet (Mr. Buddha Islet), etc.

Autumn weather is also very suitable for kayaking to visit the caves. Kayaking by yourself, contemplating the caves and cliffs by you own eyes, you will be overwhelmed by the magic of the nature.

After that, you can have your dinner by the sea, release your soul in a melodious music under the fanciful moonlight on the bay and enjoy the silence of the sea to completely immerse yourself in the nature.

That is how Ha Long is in the autumn, beautiful, gentle and so peaceful that we can hardly refuse.

That is why Vinpearl Ha Long becomes a wonderful stop which offers you a complete experience with different feelings every time you set foot in Ha Long.

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