The unique architecture of Chien Dan tower

On the way to Tam Ky city, next to Highway 1, Tam An commune, about 5km north of Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province, you [...]

7 Places where talking a lot of nice photographs in Hoi An

During the New Year’s days Spring is coming very close with the steps are very quick and quiet. How to wait for the most beautiful [...]

Peaceful Christmas in Hoi An

Everytime hearing the famous melody of the song “We wish a merry Christmas” our hearts rejoice. Everybody gladly welcomes the lovely Christmas season. Today, Christmas [...]

Enjoying European cakes in Hoi An

Hoi An Travel is evolving more, Hoi An cuisine is becoming an indispensable, a must experience for travelers. Thus, a modern and artistic style cuisine has [...]

7 popular cakes in Hoi An

With natural ingredients, hard work and creativity, Hoi An has produced a rustic cake that attracts everyone. Cakes are sold at the markets, sidewalks and street corners [...]

7 loại hoa ngày Tết ở Hội An

Spring comes, various flowers are bloom and scent. Flowers are in everywhere, we can see the beautiful scenery of flowers at anywhere. Nature becomes better to welcome [...]

Pho – Noodle soup in Hoi An

Pho – Noodle soup is a special dish from Hoi An. Everyone in Hoi An usually enjoy it for breakfast or it can also be substituted for [...]

Get away from the cold winter of the North with paradise beaches

Da Nang Situated next to poetic Han River, Da Nang is dubbed as “the most worth-living city in Vietnam” with its beautiful natural landscape of [...]

Secrets to make your parents wedding anniversary more wonderful

Choose an ideal destination for your family  A holiday is the idealest and precious gift for your parents, because your family will get closer through [...]

Great trip with your best friend

Comfortable than ever With your long- time friends, there will be nothing to make you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed simply because you are too familiar [...]

Vietnam traveling experiences that attract foreign tourists

Halong bay – one of the seven new wonders of the world  This is a well-known tourist attraction that no traveler can ignore when setting [...]

Explore the yellow Autumn on Ha Long Bay

The beauty of Ha Long Bay in autumn In the autumn, there will be less sunshine in Ha Long, the sky and water seem to [...]

How to plan for a romantic getway for couples

Planning for a romantic couple’s getaway, together “hand in hand walking around the world”, is a great occasion for the two of you have more [...]

Vietnam will have the first basketboat route

Artists and local children painted a boatLocal authorities in Quang Nam Province’s Tam Thanh Commune are cooperating with artists from Singapore in an ecotourism project [...]

Hoi An offers free entry on International Day of Happiness

Even more reason to celebrate your special day in top Vietnamese tourist town. The ancient town of Hoi An in central Vietnam has decided to [...]

Spiritual tourist destinations you should visit during Tet holiday

Ha Long: Yen Tu historical relic in Uong Bi city is considered to be the center of Buddhism of the Northern area and a “can’t [...]

Which countries celebrate lunar new year besides Vietnam?

China Like Vietnam, Chinese traditional New Year is the most important festival of the year. These days people from all over the country return home [...]

Emerging tourist destinations in Vietnam

Quang Binh In the last two years, the phrase “Quang Binh tourism” has become familiar with many domestic and foreign tourists. Quang Binh was voted [...]

Colorful kites and music rock the sky in Hoi An

Kite runners from different parts of the world come together to create a festive mosaic. More than 300 kites fly high above the towns of [...]

Tam Hai Island to introduce mural project

A group of 25 volunteers from Da Nang Technology College and other colleges have begun their efforts to transform a fishing village of Tam Hai [...]