Secrets to make your parents wedding anniversary more wonderful

Choose an ideal destination for your family 

A holiday is the idealest and precious gift for your parents, because your family will get closer through this time. You can choose the beach as your destination as the space here always brings you the most relaxed and romantic moments. Planning for a vacation at the beach will be an opportunity for your parents to refresh their love.

However, do not forget to pay attention to the weather, time, health and their interests. If your parents love the romantic scenery, Ha Long, Da Nang will be suitable destinations you should consider. Nha Trang will be a place for parents who like the vibrant atmosphere. In contrast, for the parents who prefer a quiet and close to nature space, please do not skip the neglected beautiful Phu Quoc. A reasonable destination will be a good start for your plan.

Book the accommodation for the family 

Staying at a beach villas must be an interesting idea for the whole family to have a quiet, private and comfortable relaxing space. In addition, you also have time to enjoy the facilities within the area of the resort – where your mother can have time to relax at the spa, your father spend his hours for his golf passion, and other members of the family can comfortably have fun at the beach or playing water sports.

A romantic dinner as a present for your parents 

Do not be too hasty to organize a family party, you shouldmake a reservation for your parents a secret dinner at the luxurious and romantic restaurant. Find a suitable reason to invite them to come. A dinner in the sparkling light with the melodious music by the poetic beach where there are only two people, will make them feel like coming back to their dating time when they were young.

A secret gift at the end of the dinner

The photo album of your parents from their childhood until now is secretly delivered in a special way at the end of the dinner. The pictures may be old and faded overtime, but the memories in them still lively forever. Let’s write your “love confession”: “I love you Mom and Dad” at the end of the album, your parents must be very surprised and touched because of this small but significant meaning gift.

An outdoor party for the whole family

Finally, you should prepare an outdoor party for the whole family to celebrate your parents wedding anniversary. If you stay at Vinpearl, our event team will always be ready to assist you. In a private space by the sea covered with colorful flowers, your parents will once again become the “bride and groom” in their wedding party. By the singing sea, your father in his elegant suite while your mother in a dazzling dress together hand in hand, walk on the white sand, in the melodious music and relive that fateful moment when both officially create a new home.

Your parents wedding anniversary is also a “family day”, so your preparation for this special day will partly help your parents feel your love. Certainly, they will be very happy and proud of you. Let Vinpearl be the stop for this memorable anniversary party!

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